The Windows Developer’s Guide to Microsoft Build 2021

Jul 03 , 2021

An updated preview of Project Reunion  

With the Project Reunion 0.8 preview you can create and modernize your Windows apps seamlessly for both client and cloud endpoints. To get started, simply install the Project Reunion Visual Studio template and you’ll have access to the project templates and APIs you need.  

When you build an app that uses Project Reunion, you get access to: coherent and modern interactions and UX with WinUI 3, great system performance and battery life, an experience optimized for the device hardware, and hassle-free app discovery and management. It’s all built on top of existing Desktop (aka Win32) features available to adopt incrementally at a much faster pace since they are decoupled from the Windows OS.  

Lastly, you can try the new unpackaged app support preview in Project Reunion. This allows you to use AppLifecycle, MRT Core, and DWriteCore in your unpackaged (non-MSIX) apps! 

You can learn more about Project Reunion 0.8 preview and provide feedback in our GitHub. We’re constantly evaluating feedback and if there’s something missing, we want to know! 

New development optimizations for Windows Terminal  

Windows Terminal 1.9 Preview has a new feature called Quake Mode that allows you to open a new terminal window with a simple keyboard shortcut from anywhere in Windows. Additionally, the terminal has a new settings UI that gives you the ability to edit your settings without using a JSON file.  

You can also set your default terminal emulator to Windows Terminal inside Windows, meaning that any command line application will automatically launch inside Windows Terminal rather than the traditional console experience. Before this setting, all command line applications opened in the original console. Now, people can choose which terminal these apps will launch in, making their Windows environment feel even more customizable. You can learn more about Windows Terminal 1.9 Preview here.