Microsoft 365 Administrator Training

Our courses give users the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively use all the appropriate features. The course Content Microsoft 365 Product and Services like Intro to Microsoft 365, Exchange, SharePoint Online, Microsoft Teams and Security and Compliance. The participants learn how to manage users and licenses, how to prevent data loss and how to create and use new sites and applications
Duration: 4 Hours
Method: Physical and online workshop
Physical Training is conducted on our Office or our Customer’s Office that can be decide during discussion. The online workshop is conducted through the Microsoft Teams in order to pass on practical knowledge about this communication platform. The information provided and skills developed during the course are verified by our experts, thanks to the desktop sharing option. We can provide the course on site as well. The price is individually negotiated. Necessary knowledge: The participants of our workshops need to know how to use a computer. Basic administrator skills are not necessary but recommended.


1. Introductory of Microsoft 365 administration Portal
2. How to add and certify of the company’s domain
3. Adding User, Groups and Users license management
4. Managing users and permission levels.
5. Manage application downloads
6. Manage Billings Settlements and subscriptions

Microsoft Teams

1. Intro to Microsoft Teams.
2. Bring your team together on Microsoft Teams.
3. Manage users
4. Setting up Chats and Calls Audio and Videos.
5. Teams and channels.
6. Manange Events.

SharePoint Online administration

1. Types of sites
2. Granting site rights
3. Understanding List and Documents Library
4. Overview of permission Structure
5. Document and file indexing and Quality Control
6. Setting site availability levels
7. Creating new sites and applications
8. Subsites and other levels of rights
9. Site settings and editing options

Security and Compliance

1. Introduction to security in Microsoft 365
2. Introduction to the key security pillars in Microsoft 365.
3. Identity and access in Microsoft 365
4. Threat protection in Microsoft 365.
5. Information protection solutions in Microsoft 365.
6. Microsoft 365 Security Center.
7. Microsoft Secure Score.
8. Activity Reports in the Microsoft 365 admin center.

Exchange Online administration:

1. Manage recipients, Groups and Shared mailboxes
2. Adding SMTP addresses
3. Creating joint mailboxes, distribution lists and resources
4. Granting mailbox rights
5. E-Discovery and In-Place Hold
6. Data loss protection
7. Creating global transport rules
8. Blocked and allowed domains
9. Migrating data from other servers
10. Connector configuration
11. Spam filters
12. Email trace
13. Email in Office 365
14. Office 365 user email settings
15. Add another email alias for a user
16. Change email address
17. Configure Focused Inbox
18. Create signatures and disclaimers
19. Create, edit, or delete a security group
20. Configure email forwarding
21. Email collaboration
22. Add user or contact to the distribution group
23. Configure Clutter