This is the end of attachments for your company! We create document libraries in SharePoint Online, which can be accessed by the appropriate users. You can choose files that are shared and edited by a department.

SharePoint is also an efficient tool for the document flow of invoices, forms, etc. Each of them can fluently pass from one department to another, which is especially useful in the management of employee leave forms, which must be accepted by a superior and then transferred to Human Resources.

Sites allow the creation of work areas, project groups and message publication. Our specialists can assist you in the creation of an individual company site. This solution enhances team work. It has never been this fast, cost effective and productive. Create, organize and manage projects according to your own rules!

Our Approach Steps Below

✔ Readiness assessment of the current on-premise environment for migration

✔ Careful planning and preparation of the SharePoint online environment

✔ Conduct Necessary site collection configuration

✔ Subscription activation

✔ Verification of the company’s domain

✔ Creation of user accounts

✔ Assigning licenses to users

✔ Setting up chosen logins and passwords

✔ Creating a site in SharePoint Online

✔ Theme implementation – each company can choose an individual design

✔ Document flow implementation (e.g. knowledge base, invoices, leave forms)

✔ Data migration

✔ Testing

By implementing SharePoint Online with Velvot, you gain

✔ A flexible collaboration platform

✔ Orderly information and document and content structure

✔ An advanced business analysis tool that can implement visualizations, project portfolios and business processes

✔ Professional assistance resulting in unhindered daily workflow

✔ Data security guarantee

✔ Post-implementation support

✔ Free Training after implementation